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EHV International is a group company of Old World Hospitality that owns and operates brands Indian Accent and Comorin, restaurant concepts which have set new benchmarks in the restaurant industry. 

In addition to growing Indian Accent and Comorin, there are several other new restaurant concepts being developed. We are looking for young Managers and Chefs not only for our units in New Delhi and New York but in other Indian and major world cities where we intend to open end of this year onwards. 

You shall be a 'Chef in Training' (C.I.T.) or a 'Manager in Training' (M.I.T.) from Day 1 at a consolidated stipend plus service charge amount of Rs 32,000 per month for the first 12 months. You shall be moved through different sections of the restaurant / kitchen that you have been posted in till you master each area. You shall also be exposed to allied departments such as Sales, Marketing, Finance and especially Projects. Whilst the lion's share of your time shall be spent in actual operational areas, there would be monthly interactions with different heads of departments as well as quarterly interactions with external experts to give you a well rounded exposure.

From month 13, your monthly package would move to Rs 40,000, where it shall remain till you are promoted based upon your performance. We shall be surprised if it takes more than 2-2.5 years for a 'Chef in Training' to become a 'Junior Sous Chef' and a 'Manager in Training' to become an 'Assistant Manager', at which point your salary would be Rs 50,000

In fact, we are counting on your being able to make the cut much earlier since we have an ambitious development plan and want our young Managers and Chefs ready to absorb management responsibilities in new units, depending upon their abilities. We pride ourselves in our unique approach to the business of restaurants and our pathbreaking systems and recipes. The company intends to give the trainees incredible on the job learning and is willing to pay amongst the best in the industry. At the same time, we expect you to fulfil your responsibilities by staying committed to the company and its growth plans for 4 years from the date of appointment and a bond shall be signed accordingly by candidates who are selected.

If interested, please write to with your current CV including details on internships / on the job training. Your initial training will be held in our New Delhi or Gurugram units, although you may be posted to new outlets even during your training stint.

Lastly, any calls from third parties with references or requests to hire any candidate would immediately disqualify that candidate. Candidates shall be hired purely on merit, based on what the management perceives to be a good fit for our existing and future brands. 

After we receive your application, we shall set up a time for a video call and the shortlisted candidates would be called to New Delhi for an in-person meeting and a trade test (for the Chefs in Training).

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